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Submitted on
August 3, 2012
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Wings Of Fire

My pyre:
Send me off to the fiery abyss
My ignitor:
Free me from life's grip

Morals have been tortured
Strengths have been reversed
Desires have been submersed

I plead for you to pass the torch
Hand over the destiny I've been waiting for
Let me finish off this unbearable dirge
Weep not for singed sins
Leave behind the memories
Mourn not for scarred skin
Forgive every tragedy

Set ablaze that darkness within
Grasp onto serenity
Fuel the flame for the ending
Cling onto clarity

There's peace after pain
Calm can engulf chaos
There's love behind hate
Freedom masks weakness
I've abandoned every promise
I couldn't complete what was said
My hope cannot rise from the ashes

Please, do not follow my footprints of flame
They only lead down a path where infernos cascade
There is no honorable life or even death for what I became

My fire:
Consume this cruel reality
My destroyer:
Fade out the world that was not meant for me
Purged by fire
Mortalize my desire
Render =…
This poem is written for my project, titled- "The Prodigy's Suicide"
In volume nine: Wings Of Nobody

Wings Of Light
Wings Of Light
Upon me is the last dawn
Faded away has the last dusk
I leave behind all of the rights and wrongs
I don't deserve an afterlife that is also rough
Mesmerized in deep suspense
As I await the final arrival
My tears become so intense
These last moments of hope are vital
My bearer
Allow me to break away
My deliverer
Accept the toll of my undying faith

I was careless as I fell
Mocking life itself
Every secret I held
Defined a broken side of myself
An inner slaughter I could not defend
A one-sided war that I could not fight against
My downfall is what I didn't want to prevent
I always lusted after the idea of my final descent
Because I knew that in the end I would ascend
All I can really do is live this divided life as best as I can
I realized that the only thing in perfection is being broken
And the only way to get rid of that is to wipe out my existence
Shine down and shine true
I will no longer be powerless
You don't know how long I've been waiting for you
I will
  Wings Of Ice
Wings of Ice
Another layer of frost maims
I'll become one with this eternal winter
A triumph over the the flow of time is mine to claim
My past and future will be torn asunder
And I will freeze the pain in my veins
Never again will I be forced to surrender
My glacier
Shatter all that destroyed me
My blizzard
Blot out society's cruel morality

I am but a mirror
A reflection of your sins
I am the terror
Let my revenge begin
I'll show you the face
That you made me create
I'll enjoy your screams
Knowing they're not a dream
Your tears will become icicles
Because to let you cry is hypocritical
You are the corruption that fell from grace
All of you don't even deserve these snowy graves
You are all too heartless
Always hurting those around you
Now accept the consequences
For the damages you cannot undo
Another storm ripped through
None have survived
The vortex of truth
An end to the strife
Your silence was self-induced
This frozen sanctuary is now all mine
My avenger
Lay down my f
  Wings Of Darkness
Wings Of Darkness
My warrior:
Bind me within your embrace
My defender:
Bestow me with your grace
I seek your help to obtain the unseen
I need you to blind me from the light
Never let me see my weakness again
Blanket my fears so I won't cry
Cease the false hope from shining in vain
Ward away the lies that hide behind my eyes
Morph this disaster into a calm night
Burn the dying sun out
Darken the nightmarish sky
Let the ominous clouds melt
Lock away this cursed gift of sight
I no longer desire it
Shut out the world from you and I
I yearn for the abyss
Rip away my self-hatred
Bring back my innocence
Obliterate the life I created
And color this reality obsidian
Let the void consume
Paint my essence black
Devour what was once called truth
My faith is in your hands
I profess it all unto you
I am under your command
My savior:
Cover up my exiled heart
My protector:
Wrap my soul i

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ColdBlackRaven Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This was painful. The italics part killed me inside. It felt relatable :iconheartbreakplz:

Amazing work :clap:
ImmortalizedLies Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much, but I'm sorry it had that effect on you :(
ColdBlackRaven Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
you're welcome and no you don't need to be sorry. You did really good :)
LiliaKatie Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Student Artist
ImmortalizedLies Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:) Thank you.
shuboo Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Student Writer
That is a very beautiful poem
ImmortalizedLies Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you a ton, I'm so happy that you liked this one. :D
midna27 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Student Artist
thats a sad poem.
ImmortalizedLies Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, sad panda is sad :(
midna27 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Student Artist
So why did you make this? What was your inspiration?
(Oh gosh I sound like a tv spokesperson)
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