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March 11, 2013
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Shadow Echo

I'm just a figment in the glass
My tears reflect the shattered past

I hold the death of a future in my hands
Knowing it can finally be over any second

Don't waste a precious thought
On what cannot be seen

None of my failures were caught
As I continued to fall free

I cannot be considered lost
Because no one paid heed

Suicidal soul / Tragedy foretold
Fate controlled / Heartless evermore
Silenced sold / Destiny gambled
Grown cold / Bound nevermore

I turned off the switch in my mind
So let the end have its way

This will be the last time I close my eyes
I'm relieved knowing everything will soon fade

I waved good bye to the light
But my last smile was feigned

I'm transparent like my sorrow
Downfall after downfall has made me hollow

I will shroud over the ignorance of tomorrow
For I am nothing but a shadow of an echo
I am just a shadow in the glass
I am just a figment from the past
Stock image - by - :iconlildragonkaida-stock:
Texture used - by - :iconeliseenchanted:
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This poem is written for my project, titled - "The Prodigy's Suicide"
In volume seven: Shadow Weaver

Shadow Echo -
Shadow Sun - Shadow Sun
Shadow Sun

And in that very moment, I knew it was already too late
My   vision   has   adjusted
The memories of my former life all just slipped away
My   light   has   faded

The last of the fallen sparks fluttered in the distance
My   hope   has   been   obliterated
The shadows rose to claim their long awaited radiance
My   destiny   was    always   fated
In my heart, I lost it all
To this very second, it's still my fa

Shadow World - Shadow World
Shadow World

It's enveloping my heart
And   tainting   my   soul
I've been corrupted by the dark
A   new   power   to   behold

I'm too far gone already
Just   give   in
Accepting my tragedy
A   new   path   will   begin

Transform into what I dreamed of
No   longer   afraid
The road to peace will be victorious
A   triumph   so   great

I closed my eyes for the last time / I watched it all disappear
I left behind my old life / I've become what I've feared
I know this path is one that very few desire
But what's done is done
Never again will I look into a mirror
For my darkness and I have become one

It's what I've always want

Shadow Symphony - Shadow Symphony
Shadow Symphony

Every little promise of hope that you foolishly make up
Slowly melts back into nothingness, it now belongs to us
The light you created will never be as bright as it once was

Please, play us one of your sorrowful lullabies
Let our shadows leak the shapeless tears as we cry
And don't stop, continue on late into the ominous night

Slit   Slit   Slit
Blood from my fingers escape
Drip   Drip   Drip
Tears from my eyes evaporate

The voices in my head sing like a demonic choir
The racing thoughts fill my mind up with this despair
The color of my irises burst with

This completes volume Seven.
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